Happy Customers

Heather’s coaching style allows me to draw my own conclusions based on questions asked and the answers that come up for me. I appreciated her patience and professionalism and truly felt like each session she was present and able to provide me with ideas and tools to achieve my goals and overcome my distractions. Thanks Heather!

Ingrid Schifer

Business Owner

“I recently engaged Heather to coach and support me in finding the elusive life balance I have been experiencing. Life continually seems to throw curve balls my way (as with everyone). And then I often give up the things that are most important to me and that fuel my soul. I walked away with strategies and tools that I can use to hold me to my commitment to myself, and even when recently ‘tested’ by unexpected events, I was able to hold myself in a place of peace and self-care…..something that has been elusive for me over the years. Coaching works! Thank you Heather for your gentle but focused approach.”

Linda Maul


“ Heather has a solid and spacious way of coaching that had me look directly into the core of the issue I was struggling with so I could see it from all angles, get clarity and move forward succinctly and powerfully in an area of my life that is extremely important and timely for me. Her committed and kind way allowed me to delve head long and to come out the other side with two key actions for moving toward a powerful future for myself.”

Paula Strean

Life Coach

I loved Heather Scott’s commitment to my success, her enthusiasm and her professionalism. I intended to reach a new level in my ability to communicate effectively with friends and colleagues and make progress on publishing a book. In a three month window, both objectives were achieved. I am now able to address issues with colleagues and friends in a straightforward yet caring way. I feel confident my communication leaves them heard and empowered. I also have a copy of my children’s book complete and ready to send for publishing. This task was in limbo nine months when I started being coached by Heather. She simply listened and had me take the lead in what I saw and heard that was applicable to me. I would highly recommend Heather to achieve your next level in whatever is important to you.”

Angela Wallace

Pediatric Occupational Therapist