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Solution and future focused


Invest in yourself! Connect with a certified, professional coach to gain insight and learn about tools and techniques that will make a real difference in your life.  


Choose one-on-one sessions to effectively manage situations, create what you love and discover your inner wisdom.  You can expect time and space that is dedicated to you – time to identify priorities, explore possibilities and create action plans.  Reignite your passion and get things done!


Customized packages may be available upon request

Specific Projects/Decisions

2 sessions over 4 weeks

Weekly Momentum

9 sessions over 12 weeks

Monthly Check-In

4 sessions over 16 weeks

Service Delivery

Over the phone or online platform
In-person sessions may be arranged upon request.


Please contact us to further investigate your options.
Long term contract rates are negotiable.
Scholarship rate: (1) available each quarter

Get in touch to learn more about eligibility and application process.