Your Next Chapter

Your Next Chapter

I believe everyone is the author of their life. How is your story unfolding?  Exciting? Predictable? Ready to turn the page and begin something new?

We all recognize certain stages of life – graduating school, moving to a new city, landing that first big job, or buying a house. When we have these experiences and notice these stages, we often get focused, organized and take care of whatever needs to be done.

Other stages sneak up on us – they may be quieter and don’t have associated greeting cards.

As we journey through life, new stages can show up as positive and exciting – others can be surprising and challenging. Regardless of how it’s showing up, this is your life to discover. Creating time to consider how things are and how you’d like them to be is a valuable exercise.  Connecting with those who can give you a hand as you bridge those gaps is resourceful and a great use of time and energy. We all need a hand or a bridge sometimes. Take the time to explore the many ways available to get resourceful and move forward. Better yet, get in touch to have someone guide you through the stage you are in.

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Heather Scott