When is the right time to hire a coach?

When is the right time to hire a coach?

Parenting takes a lot of time and energy – how’s that for an understatement?! Cooking, cleaning, encouraging, cajoling.  Scheduling, organizing, driving and throw in a bit of genuine caring – fills each day. For years.

I used to say that I wondered how people without kids marked time if it wasn’t shopping for back to school because none of the pants covered the ankles anymore. Seasons and school years fly by, disappearing into one another. Suddenly the kids who couldn’t find their shoes or pack a lunch are more independent. Taking on more responsibilities, making their own arrangements. As a parent you go from trying to be at a dance recital and a hockey tournament in the same hour to asking them to text you as they head out for the night with friends.

Now what?

Free time, unscheduled, open, creative time is back in your life – Are you ready? For years I’ve spoken with women who have families that they care for – at events, games, parties.  When I ask them what they’ve got planned for themselves this summer or fall, they look at me blankly. They share what’s on the family schedule, camps, events, holidays to visit more family.  When I acknowledge those plans and ask what’s on that’s just for them I get more confused looks.

This is the place for coaching. A look inside, to what matters to you, what you really care about, where you’d like to put your energy. After such an amount of time putting others first – albeit in ways that conveys caring and nurturing, coaching is a way to dedicate time and energy to discovering for yourself what you care about that’s just for you.

Reignite your dreams, prepare to write your next chapter.  Find something that lights you up and excites you. Be a shining example that every stage of life is vital and rewarding.  Be an example for your kids that there are things in life to get behind; show them the value of creating from joy.

Investing in yourself this way will benefit you and those around you – All the things that you want, finding that pathway with awareness and focus – you can begin the discovery.

For the keys to this adventure all you need to do is choose yourself – what’s it gonna be?

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Heather Scott