Three wrongs make a – ?

Three wrongs make a – ?

Driving to an appointment in a new area of town – I always leave a bit of extra time.  I thought it was on the west side of the intersection, it wasn’t.  I thought the name had “mall” in it – it didn’t.  I thought that this lane went straight through – it was a turning lane.  Sigh.

After three wrong turns and a bunch of google maps adjustments I made it to the spot.

Do you ever have times where no matter what you’re intending to create it’s somehow missing the mark?  Are you prone to having that nasty internal voice pipe up when something doesn’t go according to plan – criticisms, unhelpful comments, name calling?

We all are creating experiences in our lives every day.  What you intend, what you take action on and the person you’re being while moving along are all factors in having a life that you mostly enjoy.

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Heather Scott