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When cutting into an apple, it’s easy to count the seeds – 5. What’s harder to grasp is how many future apples may lie within those seeds. Bam – a potential metaphor!

A lot of us can see potential – in houses and gardens, our companies and our children. It’s one of those things – easy to spot in others, not as much when looking in the mirror. What about you? What hidden potential is inside you?  What’s waiting to be invited out of the background of your life and out into the light? A lot of people like to share what they do for a living when at meetings or dinners or events. Personally, I love asking people the questions, “How do you most enjoy spending your free time?” or “What is the most fun you had this past year?” or even, “What do you enjoy so much, that when you’re doing it time just stops?”

People light up when sharing about the joyful parts of their lives. Discovering your potential – finding out your purpose – connecting to what fires you up – it’s important. Especially when you’re looking to make your mark, create a community and have an amazing journey.

Take a moment to really think about your own potential and how the seeds within you are just waiting to develop into an apple orchard of opportunity!

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Heather Scott