Finding Balance

Finding Balance

There is a balance for us to find. The balance between driving forward and letting things unfold.

Make it happen! Get ‘er done! Win the RFP!  Create momentum! Solve the problem, complete the deliverables and win!

Inspired action is about paying attention and finding the right timing. A flower won’t open just because we yell at it and say bloom.

Balance is a funny thing – experiential in nature. When you consider learning to ride a bike, you can understand the idea but you don’t know what it feels like. Usually we discover balance by feeling what it isn’t the first few times – not this, not that, ahhh yes.

When was the last time you felt you had balance in your life?  When you consider health, family, career and relationships what does your perfect day look like? What do you have time for? What do you wish you did?

Take heart and know that creating balance in your life is an ongoing work in progress. Remember the goal is progress, not perfection.

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Heather Scott