Back to School

Back to School

Four different people over three days: same story.

“I’m ready and excited to move forward and set that up/join that class/book those sessions/get back on track. Let’s connect once the kids are back in school!”

We all love the freedom associated with summer – we are able to get away, stay up late, skip making lunches and just go with the flow. Given enough time without structure; well, we all love routine and the things it gives us, including the ability to plan and know what timing is likely for various activities.

To include things that you love in your routine allows for individual self-expression and increases feelings of fulfilment and satisfaction. Sometimes when speaking with parents, they are able to share their child’s schedule from memory and in any given week may not have one thing booked that’s just for them. Does this matter?

It does. Finding time for ourselves and choosing to spend time doing things we love makes us better parents and happier people. Like they say on the plane – put your mask on before helping others with theirs.

When you think about things you’ve always loved to do – creative, joyful and/or fulfilling – is that activity still in your routine?  

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Heather Scott