Three wrongs make a – ?

Driving to an appointment in a new area of town – I always leave a bit of extra time.  I

Communication Success

Recently someone in my life was dealing with a health issue.  While there is gratitude for our system of healthcare,

When is the right time to hire a coach?

Parenting takes a lot of time and energy – how’s that for an understatement?! Cooking, cleaning, encouraging, cajoling.  Scheduling, organizing,

Back to School

Four different people over three days: same story. “I’m ready and excited to move forward and set that up/join that

Finding Balance

There is a balance for us to find. The balance between driving forward and letting things unfold. Make it happen!

Your Next Chapter

I believe everyone is the author of their life. How is your story unfolding?  Exciting? Predictable? Ready to turn the


When cutting into an apple, it’s easy to count the seeds – 5. What’s harder to grasp is how many