Green Orchid 8

Orchids take time to grow – they need attention, cultivation, nurturing. And when they finally bloom those beautiful blossoms last for a long time. So it is with coaching - co-creating, partnership, growth and blooms that last.

Green Orchid 8 was founded in early 2016 with a strong commitment to integrity, authenticity and commitment to growth

Creating dedicated time and space with a coaching agreement allows clients to build momentum and continuity allows for true connections to form. Clients recognize growth in themselves and shifts in their lives. Focusing on client-chosen priorities, utilizing professional exercises and tools - a partnership is created that will move you toward your goals.


·Focus on listening for client-generated goals
·Strive to be responsive, inclusive and respectful of individual differences
·Value clients for their willingness to be in action and to work on what matters to them
·Promise an authentic connection and excellent results
·Contribute and co-create with those who are looking to meet their best selves
·Collaborate with client to identify priorities and make plans for success